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LOCKERSHELFTM is a locker organization system designed to fit lockers like “built in” shelving. Constructed of recycled PVC it yields incredible strength and durability with minimal weight

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Locker Shelf Solutions offers two ways in helping schools raise funds:

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Custom Solutions

The LOCKERSHELFTM is a commercial grade solution that is well suited for many different applications, including; uniformed professionals (Police ...), recreational facilities (golf courses...) and corporations. Upon request we can create a customized solution for any locker style or application.

“Just call or send us an e-mail with the dimensions of your lockers and a description of what you would like to achieve and we can create an ultimate solution just for you!"


The LOCKERSHELFTM is a locker organization system designed to fit lockers like “built in” shelving. Constructed of recycled PVC that yields incredible strength, its design offers a cost effective, light, rigid and durable solution. LOCKERSHELFTM is not freestanding and gets its strength and durability from the walls of the locker. Installation is easy in just four steps.


The only measurement you will need is the interior width of your locker. Lockers come in standard widths of 9, 12, & 15 inches therefore it’s not necessary to get precise measurements. You can use a standard 8.5”x11” sheet of paper to obtain the approximate width. If the interior of your locker is slightly larger than the 8.5” side of the paper then your locker measures 9”, if your locker is slightly wider than the 11” side of the paper then it measures 12”.

Normally the height of the LOCKERSHELFTM is defined by personal preference and the height of your locker. Lockers come in 1, 2, and 3-tier variations our standard double shelf model fits 1 and 2 tier lockers (i.e. one stacked on top of the other).

Other models such as the Mini double and single shelf were conceived for very small lockers such as the 3 tier locker (i.e. three lockers stacked one on top of the other)

Remember the LOCKERSHELFTM is not freestanding and gets its strength and durability from the walls of the locker so it is important that you choose the right width when ordering.

If by chance you did not order the right size call us and we will surely find a solution to ensure you are entirely satisfied.


Installation is a breeze — The Locker Shelf has been successfully tested in all leading (and some not so leading) brands of lockers. Just start with an empty locker, put the sides in with the LOCKERSHELFTM logo right-side up, slide one support up a few inches until you can insert the shelf easily at a diagonal angle. Let the side down and the shelf will lock into place. Once you do it — you will be amazed at how simple the installation is and how strong the shelves are


The LOCKERSHELFTM can be installed in a variety of configurations to respond to the individual needs of each student. Multiple configurations of the LOCKERSHELFTM exist as shown on the diagram to the right.

The single shelf configuration can be ideal for the 2 tier locker whereas the double shelf configuration can be ideal for the single tier locker or “taller” lockers.

All configurations will work on either single or two tier lockers it’s a matter of personal taste. We recommend the conventional configuration with two large compartments.


Avantages des étudiants et des écoles

Advantages for students and schools
Are you looking for a fundraising idea everyone will appreciate?
Locker Shelf Solutions offers a unique product both students and the school can benefit from.

  • - Feels like built in shelving
  • - Durable, “Built-To-Last”
  • - Easy installation
  • - Promotes organization skills
  • - Easy to purchase for parents
  • - Sell a useful product
  • - fundraise 40% of the selling price
  • - Streamlined sales process
  • - Low overhead & Marketing support
  • - Get students involved

4 simple steps to start your fundraising campaign

A. Call a sales associate from Locker Shelf Solutions for a sample of the LOCKERSHELFTM product and determine the size of the lockers at your school

B. Install the sample in one of the lockers to ensure it fits well and familiarise yourself with the product. Right size = Perfect fit.

A. Advertise the product! On top of providing the entire website Locker Shelf Solutions will provide you with a flyer you can distribute.

B. Showing the product and providing a demo during back to school events is extremely successful. Some schools set up the LOCKERSHELFTM product in an empty locker which students can visit during the course of the day.

C. Create a customer list of sales made to reduce the shipping costs by reducing the number of deliveries. The LOCKERSHELFTM is an ideal product to be sold through the on campus store.

A. Call a Locker Shelf Solutions associate and place your order

B. Locker Shelf Solutions will produce a Pro-forma invoice including shipping charges

C. Arrange payment of the invoice and 2 to 5 business days later the shelves will be delivered. Ensure ample time if you need the shelves delivered for a particular fundraising event. Call your Locker Shelf Solutions associate to obtain an estimate of delivery delays.

Once you receive the shelves distribute them to your satisfied customers.

Locker Shelf Solutions Inc.


Is proud to be the exclusive distributor in Canada for the LOCKERSHELF™ product

The LOCKERSHELF™ Company was founded for one principle purpose: to provide an innovative locker storage solution to the academic marketplace.


Because students have lots of stuff these days, and lockers, with virtually no shelving, makes it difficult for them to stay organized. The average student will access his/her locker over 8000 times during his/her school experience so why not give them the tools to stay organized—especially something as simple as locker shelves!


The LOCKERSHELFTM Company is a family project as it was my children that recognized the need for a high quality locker storage solution. Their ideas and constant feedback helped develop and refine the LOCKERSHELFTM to make it the best solution in the marketplace today!

As the product developed, it became apparent that it would have many non academic uses. The robust and simple construction make an ideal product for any locker application. Whether it be a hospital, police department, branch of the military or virtually any company that has uniformed employees. The best part about the design is that it can be tailored or customized for a wide variety of applications.

   “I do envision the LOCKERSHELF™ as the best solution for any locker configuration and look forward to the expansion of this product into many different market sectors.”   


Locker Shelf Solutions Inc. believes in providing an important, beneficial role in our community. I encourage school districts and other organizations with special needs and/or limited resources to reach out to The Locker Shelf Solutions Company and together we can develop a solution to get the product to where it is needed.

Green Too!

The LOCKERSHELF™ is made with 70% recycled plastic demonstrating our commitment to mother Earth and the importance of green initiatives.


The LOCKERSHELF™ double shelf system offers a highly functional and durable shelving system for those who are looking to better organize their lockers. Easy to install and made of recycled PVC making the product robust and durable, the LOCKERSHELF™ was conceived to last as long as your needs for an organized locker.
Dimensions: Height 26 inches x depth of 9.5 inches x width of 9 to 15 inches
Pick up of the product can only be made at Kirkland on the island of Montreal

9 inch

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  • Ultimate organizer
  • 9”, 12” & 15”

The Ultimate Organizer is one product that fits the 3 most common school locker sizes (9” 12” 15"). The patent pending "extension system" delivers exceptional strength and flexibility functioning exactly like a rigid, solid single shelf.

So if you don't know your locker size or want the flexibility of a variable width locker shelf - the Ultimate Organizer is for you! (Available as single or double system)

15 inch

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To order the LOCKERSHELF™ or for more information on our products and how we can help you with your fundraiser, contact us:

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